Our Services

Sun Pharmacy is a full service community pharmacy with a complete line of prescription and non-prescription medications with an emphasis on quality generics of each brand.  We also have full line of first aid products, vitamins and nutritional supplements, and limited orthotic products.

We provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care in both Hmong, English, and limited Laotian. We are committed to provide our patients with a fast and friendly services with a personal touch.  We also serve as a valuable health care resources providing triage function by referring to other health care professional when needed or providing advice and counsel on non-prescription medications.

Services provided by Sun Pharmacy include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Maintain comprehensive patient medication records.
  2. Screening of patient records for drug related problems such as drug-drug, drug-disease interactions, allergies, and compliance.
  3. Counseling on all prescription medication to ensure compliance and appropriate use.
  4. Provide information and counsel on the proper use of over-the-counter medication.
  5. Serve as a triage for the community, providing advice on minor health issues and referring those in need to other health care professionals.
  6. Serve as a wellness center providing blood pressure screening and information on other health problems.
  7. Provide a limited charge account for patients with co-pays who meet certain needs criteria.
  8. Provided free delivery of prescriptions to patients who live within a 5 mile radius of the pharmacy.